Streaming Queer: What to Watch in June 2021

Pride month brings us all the feels in June's Streaming Queer list.
Streaming Queer in may 2021
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Happy Summer and Happy Pride Month! If you need a break from learning how to socialize again… or if you’re not quite ready to start… never fear, because Queerist is back with another edition of Streaming Queer, our monthly roundup highlighting film and TV shows on streaming services that feature LGBTQ+ storylines and/or creators.

Here’s what’s Streaming Queer in June 2021.

Love, Victor — Season 2

Season 1 of Hulu’s Love, Simon spinoff ended on a hopeful cliffhanger, with Michael Cimino’s titular Victor finally coming out to his family. The first season made a great case that some of the backlash to Love, Simon was unwarranted, suggesting that not all on-screen representation needs to carry the burden of representing everyone every time. Instead, the solution is that we just need more. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Victor’s story, and also will be keeping my eye on whether the show will course-correct from some of the criticism of the first season the way this show adjusted based on the original film.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Show On: Hulu (full season premieres June 17th)

Changing the Game — Film

Hulu’s original documentary Changing the Game follows the lives of three transgender athletes at a time when state legislatures around the country have become hyper-focused on discriminating against them. The main focus is on high schooler Mack Beggs, who wanted to wrestle on the boys’ team, as he is a boy. He was forced to compete against girls instead; when he became the Texas State Champion in girls’ wrestling, his victory and his identity became a flashpoint. The other athletes whose stories are told include Sarah, a skier, and Andraya, a track star who was allowed to compete on the girls’ team.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Film On: Hulu (film premieres on June 1st)

In the Heights — Film

What would you do with $96K? Lin Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning first musical In the Heights finally comes to the big screen — and the small one! Jon M. Chu’s adaptation will premiere in theaters and on HBO Max the same day, meaning the songs of Washington Heights will find you wherever you are. This version includes a few tweaks meant to modernize (and queer) the story from its original mid-00s setting, including a cameo from drag superstar Valentina and also making beauty shop owners Carla (Stephanie Beatriz) and Daniela (Daphne Rubin-Vega) a couple. For a musical about the power of community and seeing yourself represented in the world, it’s a welcome step that LGBTQ+ audience members are included as well. This is my favorite musical, and I’m very excited for this big-screen version.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Film On: HBOMax (film premieres on June 11th) or in theaters (also June 11th)

Dancing Queens — Film

The plot description for Dancing Queens reads like a Scandinavian take on Victor/Victoria — and, in fact, features a lead character named Victor. The Swedish film is the story of young dancer Dylan (Molly Nutley), a girl who’s having trouble finding a gig. When she meets choreographer Victor (Fredrik Quiñones), she learns of an opportunity dancing at a local drag bar called Queens, as long as she binds her chest and pretends to be a drag queen. The topic of cisgender female drag queens is a touchy one, with Drag Race famously refusing to allow them to compete; it’ll be interesting to see a Swedish take on the topic. If nothing else, the film should be a great showcase for Quiñones, real-life choreographer of the film and a member of the legendary voguing House of Xtravaganza.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Film On: Netflix (film premieres on June 3rd)

Elite — Season 4

The students of Las Encinas have been through a lot over the past three seasons, with more deaths, murders, betrayals, secrets, and lies than I can even begin to count. This time around, fan-favorite gay character Omar (Omar Ayuso) will be joining the student body, which hopefully means even more tender, queer scenes between him and his star-crossed lover Ander (Arón Piper). Chances are good; the Season 4 promotional materials have included a steamy teaser suggesting a love triangle between “Omander” and a new guy, played by Manu Rios.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Show On: Netflix (season premieres June 18th)

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars — Season 6

This year’s season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars features several firsts for the franchise. The most obvious one will be that AS6 won’t air on VH1 like previous incarnations of the show; instead, fans will have to subscribe to fledgling streaming network Paramount+ to catch all the drama. The other first, though, is more inspiring: this will be the first season to feature multiple out trans and non-binary contestants. Kylie Sonique Love (S2) and Jiggly Caliente (S4) are both trans women, and Eureka O’Hara (S9 and 10) is nonbinary; here’s hoping All Stars Season 6 signals a more inclusive path forward for a nominally-progressive show that has instead lagged behind the times!

Stream This LGBTQ+ Show On: Paramount+ (season premieres June 24th)

Feel Good — Season 2

Channel4/Netflix co-production Feel Good got somewhat buried in the news, considering it was released in mid-March 2020. Thankfully, Netflix has brought the show back for a second and unfortunately-final season; even if it’s the end, it’ll be good to see these characters again. The show follows nonbinary, bisexual comedian Mae Martin, detailing their trials and tribulations in the wake of a breakup and a struggle to remain sober, with their wit to carry them through it all.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Show On: Netflix (season premieres June 4th)

The House of Flowers, The Movie — Film

Netflix’s The House of Flowers is one of the streamer’s most gloriously Queer shows, thanks in part to a colorful aesthetic that feels like if Almodovar tried to make a sitcom. The show’s three seasons feature deliciously melodramatic plotting, glittery drag queens, gay characters, and copious family backstabbing, and now the show will be wrapping up with a final film. The House of Flowers, The Movie sees the de la Mora siblings returning to their former family home, desperate to find hidden evidence that will help them get revenge against the man who stole their business and murdered a friend of the family. If you haven’t yet seen the show, watch that first, because a House of Flowers heist movie is exactly what I need in my life.

Stream This LGBTQ+ Show On: Netflix (film premieres June 23rd)

The Queer Catch-Up: Quibi Originals, now on Roku

One of the biggest media stories of 2020 was the spectacular implosion of Quibi, the “quick-bites” video platform meant to be watched exclusively on your phone. That’s not really how people consume media — especially not in a year where everyone was stuck inside – so the service came and went as quickly as, well, a quibi. Roku bought their library and has rebranded everything as a Roku Original in late May, meaning audiences have a new way to catch up on some of Quibi’s best, queerest offerings… this time, on any screen you want.

I especially recommend checking out Nightgowns, Drag Race winner Sasha Velour’s dazzling performance-art drag revue showcasing a number of talented drag performers of various genders, identities, and races. It’s a testament to the power of drag as an art form, and the whole Roku deal is worth it if it means Nightgowns can still be seen.

Also worth a look is Gayme Show, a spectacularly ridiculous competition show that pits two non-queer contestants against each other to test their knowledge of gay culture. Under the guidance of hosts Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni, the contestants are paired with either a “Wise Queer” or a “Woman Who Gets It.” As such, the celebrity guest list is delectable, featuring appearances from people like Bob the Drag Queen, Rachel Bloom, Ilana Glazer, D’Arcy Carden, and Bowen Yang, among many others.

Stream These LGBTQ+ Shows On: The Roku Channel (available as of May 20th)

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